Watersports Advisory

Watersports Advisory

Water Sports; General Advisory Guidelines

– Participants must ensure that they are wearing the life jacket at all times during any water sport activity
– Appropriate swimwear is required, and heavy clothing is not encouraged.
– Guests who are pregnant, unwell, under medication or under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not participate in any water sports
– Participants should immediately stop any activities upon feeling fatigue/unwell
– Participants must stop any activities and return to shore immediately in the case of bad weather conditions.
– Participants under the age of 6 should be accompanied by an adult
– Participants must clarify with our watersports instructors if they are unclear about any rules and regulations

Activities that may be high in Adrenaline and Intensity
– Donut Ride
– Banana Boat
– JetPack
– JetBlade

Hydroflight Terms & Conditions

Prior to participating in either the JetBlade or JetPack, guests should read and fully understand every point on this notice below:

– I am at least 16 years of age
– I am not pregnant
– I am at least 45KG and no more than 100KG

– I do not have any pre-existing medical or physical condition which may be aggravated or cause physical harm to them when undertaking the water activities. Any injury or harm caused will be at my sole responsibility

– I understand that Big Bang SeaBreeze Pte. Ltd. (aka Ola Beach Club) and its staff or agents can NOT guarantee successful flight. All instructors are properly trained to ensure a professional experience is given to the customer and all equipments are operated as intended by the manufacturer. I understand that some levels of skills are required and it is dependent on me, whether I am able to fly or not

– I understand that once payment is made, NO REFUNDS or any partial refunds will be given. If I am unable to fly or find that I am not enjoying the experience, I will NOT be issued any refunds. (Please ask crew/staff to clarify if you have any questions).

– I understand that I must strictly follow the instructions of the instructor. Big Bang SeaBreeze Pte. Ltd. (aka Ola Beach Club) reserves the right to discontinue the flight and NO REFUNDS will be given should I not follow instructions and such action is deemed to potentially cause harm to myself or others around me, or will cause harm to the equipment.