Our Story

A life at the beach, is a life worth living.

Ola was created for everyone who has a passion for life. People like us, who believe that a life by the beach is a life worth living. It is a place where happiness resides, bonds are built, moments are created and written in the sands of time.

This lifestyle beach paradise is where we celebrate a life of meaning and adventure, and in turn, we let life inspire us right back. That is why this piece of heaven is named Ola, a Hawaiian word for life, health and well-being, as our way of giving everyone a place to be inspired, experience what it means to be free and explore the great outdoors right by the sea.
To life!

Experience Ola

Kick back and enjoy life in our beach-facing cabanas, or take a dip in our swimming pool, while feasting on Hawaiian-inspired cuisine and beach grub. If you want to pick up the pace, head to our water sports area by the jetty and challenge yourself with something new. After the sun sets, experience beach nightlife with our in-house DJ spinning tunes, while knocking back a couple of Ola concoctions. We also offer our beach front and indoor areas to private and corporate events.